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We arrived from Sydney 11 years ago, and since then our home has continued to charm  not just David and I, but family, friends and visitors alike. One of my sisters once said of the old house, "It's a home that you can run away to."   As we had more than enough room, and as 'musos' in Sydney and the South Coast for many years, enjoyed being around people, we decided  to convert the rear, scenic and private section of our home for Bed & Breakfast guests.

We opened our 4-room suite Bed & Breakfast on the 17th June 2014, and continually have the pleasure of looking after travellers, tourists - both national and international, corporate visitors, and sales representatives.   Serendipity stepped in with our first guests, as the lady had grown up in the same street as my family in the 60's (750kms away!). 

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Please give us a call on:

Ph:    02 6642 7229 
Mob: 0417 427 229
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