COVID-19 cancellations:  Cancellation due to flu/Covid-19.  We will offer you an alternate reservation date if you contact us prior to 5 days before you are due to book in If you can provide medical evidence of your condition via our email address. If you do not re-book an alternate date, and you have contacted us more than 5 days prior to your arrival date, we will:

1.    Refund a prepaid tariff

2.    Not charge you the cancellation fee applicable below, if you have not prepaid.


If you do not arrive on your reservation date, and have not advised us according to our cancellation policy, 100% of your first night will be charged.

If you have booked a number of days, and you do not arrive, as well as the 100% tariff charge for the 1st night, you will be charged 50% for each of the remaining nights.

No cancellation fee if your booking is cancelled more than 5 days prior to your arrival.

25% of first night's accommodation is charged if your booking is canceled 5 days to  3 days prior to arrival.

50% of first night's accommodation is charged if your booking is canceled 3 days and more than 24 hours prior to arrival.  

100% of first night's accommodation is charged if your booking is cancelled less than 1 day prior to your arrival

HOUSE RULES - Important

We encourage you as our guests, to relax and unwind in your suite, on the rear balcony, in the gazebo and in the back garden. We ask that any alcohol is consumed responsibly.  NO illegal substances and/or implements are to be brought onto and/or used on our property. ALL GUESTS (including children) ARE TO REMAIN UNDER YOUR SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES. We will not be held responsible for them.  Also, please respect our private and restricted areas e.g. our residence and the garages.

Your pets are allowed to stay with you if they are fully vaccinated, flea-free, wormed and FRIENDLY. However, they must be kept under your control at all times. There is also a nominal pet fee of $15 per night for small pets $20 per night for large pets. Your assistance is appreciated. 


Any private and personal information will be stored sensitively and confidentially by this bed and breakfast under our strict privacy committment.  You may request that any sensitive information be returned to you, or destroyed upon written notice to Andavine House Bed & Breakfast.  All requests must be accompanied with two forms of ID.
Terms of Use.

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